HGF Protein Skincare


All natural umbilical cord stem cells mimic human growth factor (HGF) proteins ethically grown in our laboratory deliver the ultimate solution for skincare.

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Understanding Epiline

What is Epiline

What It Is

How Does Epiline Work

Why It Works

How to Use Epiline

What It Treats

What Does Epiline Treat

How to Use It

Unparalleled Skincare with Human Growth Factor Proteins

The Only Bio-Active Skincare Product

Med Spa Skincare Results with the Recovery
Simplify your skincare routine.

Med Spa results without the recovery.

Many popular spa treatments use needles and injections to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Epiline innovative topical treatments uses the body’s own practice of DNA expression to enhance and expedite age-reversing results. No needles, no injections, no invasive and painful treatments — Epiline quickly absorbs into the skin to erase visible damage, restore firmness and elasticity, and bring back your youthful glow.

What our clients have to say

“I’ve never used a product as effective as Epiline. It has dramatically improved the health of my skin.”

The Science Behind the Results

Proteins in the Body

Our bodies naturally produce human growth factor proteins to signal our cells to do specific tasks. These proteins are sequences of amino acids which are transported to cells to deliver their instructions. Once delivered, the cells immediately action on the command given by the protein.

As we age, we our bodies tend to produce fewer human growth factor proteins causing some deterioration of cell function and outward appearance.

Epiline Proteins

Geneworks has engineered Epiline to mimic the proteins your body needs to regenerate new skin cells. Epiline is a patent-pending blend of 9 human growth factor proteins known to benefit human skin elasticity, thickness, color, collagen, blood flow, and cell proliferation.

Bio-Active Proof

Proteins are extremely fragile. They die quickly at any temperature above -80 degrees or when they subjected to harsh processes or chemicals used in most of today’s cosmetic manufacturing and delivery methods. Once they have died, these proteins become useless and will be rejected by our cells.

To overcome these obstacles, Epiline proteins are grown in the Geneworks lab and freeze dried under strict protocols and care to ensure each treatment dose is perfectly preserved until the time of use.

Each treatment vial has a built in fresh-test. Once a treatment is mixed, which causes the protein to reactivate, the protein will glow blue when illuminated by a black light (provided), assuring you that the proteins are bioactive and ready for immediate use.

Epiline Protein Delivery

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is made to protect us from outside proteins and viruses penetrating the protective layers of our skin.

To overcome this obstacle, Epiline proteins are attached to Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPP), which are able to pass the cell membrane with the attached protein and enter into cells below.

Without a CPP delivery process, the bioactive human growth factor proteins would simply die on the surface of the skin.

The Result

Once absorbed by the skin’s receptor cells, Epiline’s identically-replicated amino acid sequences do exactly what they were designed to do: regenerate new cell growth to reverse the signs of aging and restore skin’s color, texture, and firmness.

Delivering 9 Broad Spectrum Growth Factor Proteins

The Epiline Blend

As pioneers in skincare, Epiline scientists deliver a unique product formulation that harnesses the power of nine broad spectrum growth factor proteins.


Epidermal Growth Factor

EGF is a protein that stimulates the growth and repair of various cell types, especially skin cells. It helps maintain healthy skin and can promote healing in damaged tissues.


Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor

bFGF is a protein that helps in the growth, repair, and development of various tissues in the body, including blood vessels, skin, and connective tissue. It plays a role in wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

bFGF is a protein that helps in the growth, repair, and development of various tissues in the body, including blood vessels, skin, and connective tissue. It plays a role in wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA

PDGF-AA is a protein that stimulates cell growth and division, mainly in connective tissue cells. It plays an essential role in wound healing and blood vessel formation, contributing to overall tissue repair and regeneration


Transforming Growth Factor-beta

TGFβ is a protein that regulates cell growth, differentiation, and repair in various tissues. It helps maintain tissue homeostasis and plays a vital role in wound healing, immune system function, and the development of blood vessels and connective tissue.


Keratinocyte Growth Factor

KGF is a protein that specifically stimulates the growth of keratinocytes, the primary cell type found in the outer layer of the skin. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and promoting wound healing.


Hepatocyte Growth Factor

HGF is a protein that stimulates the growth, regeneration, and repair of various cell types, especially liver cells. It helps maintain liver function and can also aid in the healing of other tissues, such as the kidneys and lungs.


Growth Differentiation Factor 11

GDF-11 is a protein that regulates cell growth, differentiation, and repair in various tissues. It is known for its potential role in regulating aging and promoting tissue regeneration, particularly in the heart and skeletal muscles.


Insulin-like Growth Factor 1

IGF-1 is a protein that plays a vital role in promoting growth and development in the body. It stimulates cell growth, division, and differentiation, and is especially important for the growth and maintenance of bones and muscles.

Bio-active Fresh Test
Bio-Active HGF Protein Gel for Skincare
Simplify your skincare routine.

Treat several issues with one product.

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Treat multiple skin concerns with just one product. From fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots, uneven tones, redness, and more, Epiline is your all-in-one solution for achieving a flawless and youthful complexion.

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dark Spots
  • Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Undereye Bags
  • Uneven Skintone

  • Pigmentation Issues
  • Skin Discoloration
  • Redness
  • Skin Firmness
  • Rough Skin Texture
  • Sun Spots
  • Scars
  • Skin Damage
  • Blemishes
Bring the Med Spa home.

Replace or compliment med spa treatments with Epiline


Achieve a radiant, youthful complexion with enhanced results and without the discomfort of microdermabrasion.


Say goodbye to needles and invasive injections  — and say hello to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.


Use Epiline to compliment your dermaplaning treatments — or replace them altogether for smoother, more vibrant skin. 

Skin Laser Treatments

Our breakthrough skin treatment surpasses the need for laser treatments, rejuvenating your skin with remarkable results and minimal downtime.

Chemical Peels

Epiline’s gentle yet effective treatments refresh the skin’s surface without the use of harsh, abrasive chemicals. 

IPL Facials

Our revolutionary treatments outperform IPL facials, providing superior results for flawless, rejuvenated skin. 

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How to Use Epiline

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  • Use product immediately after mixing.
  • Syringes, Adapters, and Connector can be cleaned after initial use and reused for all treatments
  • Recommended use: Once every 3 days.
Step 1
  • Clean face, neck, and hands before use.
  • Prepare mixture over a clean, dry surface.
Step 2
Prepare A & B
  1. Screw syringes to the tops of vial adapter on A & B Vials. Be sure not to overtighten.
  2. Lift Vial A so it is above the attached syringe, pull exactly 1 ml of fluid from Vial A into the syringe. Turn it back over and disconnect the syringe from the adapter.
  3. Lift Vial B so it is above the attached syringe, pull exactly 1 ml of fluid from Vial B into the syringe. Turn it back over and disconnect the syringe from the adapter.
  4. Set the syringes aside and take note of which syringe contains A and which contains B.
Step 3
Activate HGF Proteins
  1. Remove lid from the EPILINE Vial and attach the small vial adapter
  2. Attach the syringe containing liquid from Vial A onto the head of the small vial adapter.
  3. With the syringe above the EPILINE Vial, slowly push the A liquid from the syringe into the EPILINE Vial.
  4. Gently swirl liquid until the EPILINE wafer is completely diluted, maintaining the syringe above the EPILINE Vial.
  5. Once diluted, raise the EPILINE Vial above the syringe and pull the syringe plunger back until all the fluid from the EPILINE Vial is in the syringe.
  6. Disconnect the syringe from the empty EPILINE Vial and discard the empty EPILINE Vial.
Step 4
Mix Hydrogel & Fresh Test
  1. Screw A & B syringe heads together with the Syringe Connector. Be sure not to overtighten.
  2. Gently push contents back and forth from one syringe to the other, one side at a time, allowing the opposing syringe plunger to fall back and make room for contents. Repeat 3 times until Hydrogel has formed.
  3. Pull all contents back into one of the two syringes and disconnect both syringes from the connector.
  4. FRESH TEST: Shine the provided black light on contents in loaded syringe. Contents should reflect a blue fluorescent color, indicating that the full spectrum of HGF Proteins contained inside are now Bio-Active and ready for use.
Step 5
  1. Push contents from the loaded syringe onto the palm of your hand. Dab with yours fingers to apply smoothly on all targeted areas.
  2. Leave on for a minimum of XXXX6XXXX hours before washing the areas where the product was applied.
Step 6
Clean Up
  1. Rinse off vial adapters and syringe connector and place back in the box for the next use.
  2. Run water in the sink, pull water in and out of both syringes three times, and place back in box for the next use.
Learn more about the science behind Epiline.